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Three More Film Festival Selections, August 2022

Atzin documentary, Returning to Strength has received three more film festival recognitions! In addition to winning or being selected for five film festivals over the last year, Returning to Strength has garnered recognition at the following film festivals:

Paris Women Festival Semi-Finalist

Dallas Shorts Semi-Finalist

Manhattan Film Awards Official Selection

Returning to Strength is a remarkable story of empowerment in a rural village in the south of Mexico. Faced with relentless hardship, frequent illness and a toxic environment, young women in Tlamacazapa are gradually transforming their lives – they are becoming stronger, more resilient, able to respond with greater creativity and assurance to life’s demands. They work with Atzin, a civil association operating in the village since 1997. Filmed during the covid-19 pandemic, Returning to Strength is a story for us all as we struggle globally to regain social and ecological balance.


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